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Ethereal Decadence

Her fragility appears to be transferable, everything around her seems to be transient. Faded, monochrome colours and a fragile, filigree cake are making the transformation visible. Just like the once so gleaming roses drop petal for petal, so the cake looses layer for layer its strength and volume.

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Une soirée au jardin


We found this hidden chapel in monochrome colors behind our busy streets in Düsseldorf. It is a true gem and this setting and style idea directly came to my mind…

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Nostalgia Rose



Betörende blush Chocolate Pyramiden, köstliche Macarons mit rose silver Brush und luftige Meringues verführen uns dazu von ihnen zu naschen, während liebevoll in handgefärbte zarte Gaze gehüllte Gastgeschenke nur darauf warten, unter unseren neugierigen Blicken geöffnet zu werden.

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