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Spring Nymph -loves me, loves me not-

As stylist, often the more we see, the less we want.

My vision for LA based Designer Duo Kite and Butterfly´s new Bridal Collection  should be ethereal yet minimal. In search of transmitting the idea of a bride with a mind of modern romanticism in a new kind of way.

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Apotheosis of Simplicity

We are inspired by romance that breaks conventions.

Love and imperfect beauty found in shadows and dreams, in windswept landscapes and spontaneous adventures.

An ethereally divine sheer silk gown with delicate handmade crochet detailing amidst exposed washed white brick walls, simple and elegant, inspired by movement and fluidity, hugging our muses body before blown away by the island of the wind.

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A beach club at the cycladic coastline, built around a contemporary interpretation of the ancient greek agora, with driftwood daybeds, wicker lampshades and a whitewashed stone house, opened to all sides, allowing to enter and depart freely, gave us an otherworldly space for our latest summer shoot taking place in Mykonos.

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