A majestic venue in the woods, aged through the years, offers us a stunning and unique setting for our late fall bridal inspiration 2017.

We discovered this hidden space, with its own private wild and overgrown enchanted forest entrance, a hidden treasure not for all to see….

Bohemian woodland Brides, in attendance of wandering white horses, nomadic and well-travelled they truly personify the air of freedom and romance dressed in delicate gowns waiting for their romantic country wedding.

 Superfine wooden pearl necklaces, richly symbolic and dramatically ornamental, suspending around their necks styled with nomadic layering of leather waistbands and furs blending the nostalgic silhouettes with a wild bohemian aesthetic.

Bouquets, like from a 18th century still-life paintings, that look like they are straight from the garden , bond in a loose and effortlessly style.

A wooden ceremony backdrop with still-life approach, like reminiscent of old masters, arranged for a new direction for bridal fall inspiration, feels by contrast now highly contemporary.


Wedding Concept, Planning and Design Kiss from Fleur I Fine Art Photography Cornelia Lietz I Hair and Make up Artist Natalie Arslan I Venue Anna van Neerhave I Bridal Gowns Rue de Seine by Hey Love I Models Paula & Alena I Featured on Truly and Madly